Net zero to suffer from Boris’ oil and gas plans

Six new projects could produce almost half the UK’s yearly emissions alone, Uplift claims

Big Zero Report 2023

The Prime Minister’s new plans for six oil and gas projects in the North Sea could destroy any hopes of achieving net zero by 2050, according to a new study.

The Uplift climate group has released new figures that demonstrate the heavy environmental impacts of this decision, claiming these sites have the capability of producing around 421 million barrels of oil.

Energy costs are at an all-time high following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with the UK looking for alternative options to stabilise the market and supply.

Uplift claims, however, that these six projects could produce 205 million tonnes of carbon emissions alone – close to half the UK’s total annual emissions – and would represent a heavy blow to net zero ambition.

Director, Tessa Khan, commented: “If the government fast-tracks these fields for drilling, it will blow the UK’s net zero climate targets. [It] is already off-track for meeting those targets and yet it’s choosing to make the situation much worse by opening up new fossil fuel developments.”

She stated that if these supposed plans are to go ahead “the only winners are the oil and gas companies”.

Whether these plans are yet to go ahead are yet to be confirmed by the government.

Energy Live News has contacted BEIS for a response.

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