Guinness launches new farming pilot to cut carbon footprint

Regenerative farming trials will be implemented on 40 different Irish barley farms

Big Zero Report 2023

Irish beer company Guinness, owned by Diageo, has set a new regenerative farming plan to cut its carbon footprint.

The three-year pilot will be used on 40 barley farms to improve biodiversity, water quality, efficiency and carbon sequestration.

The famous stout using more than 130,000 megatonnes of barley each year and reducing the emissions from this specific type of farming is set to have a huge impact on its overall carbon footprint from production.

This pilot will be exclusive to Ireland but Diageo has stated if it is successful it will gradually implement the process elsewhere in countries it sources its materials from.

Diageo Europe President John Kennedy said: “We will openly share the results from the pilot programme so that other farms can learn and adopt practices that have demonstrated the highest potential impact from an environmental and farm profitability standpoint.

“Like the Irish farming community, we are ‘all in’ for the long haul – for our people, products, partners and planet.”

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