Friday 25 March 2022

Vattenfall opens Dutch solar, wind and battery energy park

Vattenfall opens Dutch solar, wind and battery energy park

Vattenfall has opened its first power plant that combines solar panels, wind turbines and batteries in the Netherlands.

Energypark Haringvliet, located 20 kilometres south of Rotterdam, consists of six wind turbines, 115,000 solar panels and a large battery of 12 containers, with all three technologies sharing the same grid.

The facility is expected to produce around 140GWh of electricity a year - equivalent to the consumption of 40,000 Dutch households.

Through the combination of the technologies, Haringvliet will be able to produce energy at a low cost and make more efficient use of available grid capacity with less impact on the environment, according to Vattenfall.

Wind and solar complement each other well during different seasons and can share the same grid connection, leading to less power needed to be reserved on the grid, with the battery ensuring the net remains in balance.

Sharing the substation, cables, grid connection and maintenance of the roads also helps save time, money and have less environmental impact.

Sandra Grauers Nilsson, Head of Business Unit Onshore Wind said: “To reach our climate goals, we have to accelerate the energy transition. Energypark Haringvliet is a great example how to use available resources as efficiently as possible. It combines wind, solar and batteries in such a way that over the span of a year we supply more sustainable energy, at lower costs. And at the same time it has lowest possible impact on environment, grid and surrounding area.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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