New £10m heating network for Aberdeen flats

The network will create heat from non-recyclable waste

Big Zero Report 2023

Development has started for a new £10 million heat network in Torry, Aberdeen – looking to provide cheap, clean energy to 300 homes.

The heat will be generated from excess waste at a plant being built in the city to dispose of non-recyclable waste.

More than 3.7 miles of underground pipes will be built to connect the network, with hopes for it to be operational by late 2023.

Vital Energi has been contracted to carry out the project.

Councillor Jenny Laing said: “It is great to see work is starting next week on the new Torry Heat Network which will bring low-cost heat to tenants’ homes and public buildings.

“This will help people with fuel poverty and ensuring they have somewhere warm to live, as well as helping Aberdeen with the goal of reaching net zero for the city.”

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