Ryanair pledges to hit net zero by 2050

It is increasing its use of SAF and procuring new planes to cut down carbon emissions

Big Zero Report 2023

Ryanair has committed to becoming net zero by 2050.

The Irish budget airline has set four targets that it believes will help it achieve this aim. These include a 34% level of decarbonisation using sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) in its flights, 32% through technological and operational improvements, 24% through offsetting and 10% through improved air traffic control.

With a heavy focus on SAF, Ryanair will now work alongside the EU to increase its supply and use research from Trinity College Dublin to understand more alternatives.

It is also investing $22 billion (£16.6bn) in buying 210 new aircrafts – the Boeing 737-8200. This plane is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 16%, noise pollution by 40% and carry 4% more passengers.

Director of Sustainability, Thomas Fowler, said: “We are working tirelessly with our team and strategic partners to lead the way in making aviation more sustainable.

“While we’ve already come a long way, we will continue to lead the sustainable aviation agenda in European aviation as we embark on our ambitious pathway to net zero by 2050.”

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