Friday 18 March 2022

Pivot Power announces two new EV battery sites

Pivot Power announces two new EV battery sites

Pivot Power, part of EDF Renewables, has been given planning permission to build two new electric vehicle (EV) battery storage sites in Luton and Cornwall.

Construction is expected to start at the Luton site early next year, where 50MW lithium-ion batteries will be stored and connected to National Grid’s local substation.

The Cornwall site will see a grid connection shared with two other developers on the project, with connection to National Grid expected in 2024.

Private wires for EV charging will also be added at both sites to improve access to rapid charging hubs in the area.

These two sites join its projects in the West Midlands and Oxford, which are both already being constructed.

National Grid has stated that by 2050, the UK will need more than 25GW of battery storage to meet net zero goals – this currently stands at just 1GW.

CEO of Pivot Power, Matt Allen, said: “Today’s energy infrastructure is not equipped to support the massive transition to renewables that we need to see in the coming decades.

“Grid flexibility is essential to future-proof our electricity system and help deliver secure, affordable, low carbon power. Pivot Power’s smart power infrastructure will help to manage the intermittency of renewables and improve the resilience of the UK’s electricity system.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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