Around 10% of UK commercial properties don’t meet energy efficiency standards

A new report warns landlords will bare the brunt of this in April 2023 when new legislation comes in

Big Zero Report 2023

Thousands of commercial properties in the UK will not meet energy efficiency regulations.

That’s according to new research from Bensons Gas Engineering, revealing that 10.13% of leased commercial properties in Britain do not meet the EPC rating required by April next year.

These properties will be required to have a rating of E or above by this time and the report reveals that theatres, music halls and cinemas are least likely to achieve this, with just shy of 50% currently having a rating of F or G.

It explains that fines and costs will be incurred by landlords whose properties do not comply. If landlords rent out properties that have a rating of F or lower by April 2023, they will pay a fine ranging from £5,000 to £150,000.

The report stresses that landlords must have work carried out now to ensure the property is more energy efficient, such as replacing a boiler or insulation.

Some landlords are clearly shirking this responsibility according to the study, as 13.3% of commercial properties that currently have a rating of F or G are up for sale.

Out of the whole UK, it’s the capital where the problem is most rife, with 12% of Westminster properties being given an F or G rating.

The report warns that those selling properties will have to do so at a cut price if amendments to energy efficient haven’t been made.

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