Enel and Santander team up to accelerate net zero aims

The two companies will work together to help customers on the clean transition

Big Zero Report 2023

Enel has joined forces with Santander to help both sets of clients on their clean transition.

Enel will be responsible for providing turnkey solutions for customers, while Santander will implement these into a coherent financial plan.

Both companies will monitor their customers’ use of energy, striving to encourage more energy efficiency.

Alberto De Paoli, Enel CFO, commented: “Through our partnership with a reputable financing institution such as Santander, we are taking yet another step towards the achievement of a net zero society.”

Santander’s Senior Vice President José Linares added: “We are thrilled to collaborate with a long-time partner such as Enel to further support our clients worldwide in their transition to more sustainable energy models.”

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