Net Hero Podcast – Time for energy to act and flexibility for the future

Why energy must walk away from Russian oil and gas and clean up its act and how we can use our EVs to change our energy future

Big Zero Report 2023

This week I start the podcast with a bit of an editorial about the invasion of Ukraine.

I feel very strongly that we as an energy sector, which has for so long had such powerful interconnections with fossil fuels and money from Russia, now need to ask a difficult question.

What price are we willing to pay? Because it’s never as much as the people of Ukraine right now. So I hope the sector does the right thing.

But the main part of the podcast looks at EVs, charging and flexibility and how that could develop in the years to come. I speak with Alex Schoch from Octopus Energy all about this topic and how we should all look at using flexibility to ease the burden on the networks in the short term.

Finally plenty more on the Big Zero Show we have 200+ registered so get your free ticket now.

Here’s hoping for a peace to find a way!

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