Tuesday 1 March 2022

How do you stop net zero being elitist?

How do you stop net zero being elitist?

For net zero to be a success and the 2050 aims to be realised, ordinary people are even more important than changes to policy or large businesses.

Behavioural changes in people’s daily lifestyles will be critical if any greener future is to become a possibility.

We attended the Energy Institute’s International Energy Week last week, which featured many industry experts debating aspects of the net zero transition and how we can get there.

In this session, changing people’s behaviours to become more aligned with net zero is discussed by the panel.

Some people can afford to make these changes such as switching to electric vehicles (EVs) or installing heat pumps but this is not the majority – so how can we all be a part of this journey?

“We’ve got everyone starting the journey from a very different starting point – and it’s about how you manage to communicate with all those audiences at the same time, without alienating people,” says Moira Nicolson, Behavioural Science Lead for the Cabinet Office.

Watch the clip above to learn more.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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