Greg Jackson: Customer must be ‘at the heart’ of the energy revolution

The Octopus Energy CEO gives his thoughts on how we can best achieve a net zero future

Big Zero Report 2023

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“What we need to do, as we go through the energy revolution, is be putting the customer, the citizen, the voter at the very heart of it.”

That’s the verdict of Greg Jackson, CEO of Octopus Energy, who believes a change in the way the energy industry views its service to the customer will be critical in the net zero transition.

We attended the Energy Institute’s International Energy Week last week, which featured many industry experts debating aspects of the net zero transition and how we can get there.

In this session, Mr Jackson also gives his thoughts on how he believes a green future could look and how changing the way we view pricing could be paramount to achieving this.

Watch the clip above to learn more.

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