Why is low carbon heat critical for net zero success?

In this week’s podcast with two Gemserv experts, we look to uncover how the heat industry is changing and the key role it has in a low carbon future

Big Zero Report 2023

Heat is a crucial component of the energy mix and will continue to be important as the world moves towards a low carbon system and aims to hit net zero.

What are the hurdles in the way and how can the industry both adapt and become an answer to these problems?

We spoke with Brendan Murphy and Samantha Shea from Gemserv to understand where the future of heat lies.

The Heat and Buildings Strategy was announced by the government last year – what are the views of both experts on how this will impact the energy industry and does it answer some of the most pressing questions?

We also discuss heat pumps, which have become a term many are aware of in the energy sector but the intricacies of how they run will not be known to everyone – Samantha explains they work like ‘fridges in reverse’ – but what does that mean exactly?

We uncover all in this latest podcast, which you can listen to by clicking the link above.

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