John Lewis Partnership begins electrifying fleet

It aims to have all its vehicles zero-emission by the end of the decade

Big Zero Report 2023

The John Lewis Partnership is electrifying its home services fleet, as it looks to cut its carbon footprint.

It aims to make its 4,000 cars, vans and trucks electric by 2030 and will begin trialling this change from next month.

All HGVs will run on biomethane by 2028, with an estimation that these changes will see savings of more than 500,000 tonnes of carbon emissions or an 80% reduction.

It has partnered with Flexible Power Systems to install the necessary charging infrastructure and technology.

Kate Cosco, Product Services Field Manager at the John Lewis Partnership, said: “This is another step along the path of the John Lewis Partnerships ambition to move completely away from fossils fuels in the fleet by 2030, saving an estimated 500,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide between 2020 & 2030.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to test how EVs work for us in home services. The team are extremely excited to get out on the road and to begin driving these new vehicles.”

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