A hydrogen-powered V8 engine?

Could petrol heads have a carbon-neutral future?

Big Zero Report 2023

Toyota has enlisted the help of Yamaha to keep petrol heads on side in an all-electric future.

Yamaha is developing a hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engine from the current five litre V8 used in a Lexus RC F.

Modifications to its fuel injectors, cylinder heads and intake manifold will allow it to be powered using compressed hydrogen instead of petrol.

The hydrogen alternative can reportedly produce up to 444bhp – only 13bhp less than its petrol equivalent – and actually produces more torque.

The engine forms part of a collaboration between Yamaha, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru and Kawasaki to make internal combustion engines carbon-neutral.

Yoshihiro Hidaka, Yamaha Motors, said: “We are working toward achieving carbon-neutrality by 2050. At the same time ‘Motor’ is in our company name and we accordingly have a strong passion for and level of commitment to the internal combustion engine.

“Hydrogen engines house the potential to be carbon-neutral while keeping our passion for the internal combustion engine alive at the same time.”

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