EY launches net zero division

It follows the announcement for UK businesses to publish net zero plans by 2023

Big Zero Report 2023

EY has launched a new net zero division called EY Carbon, which it hopes to grow by 1,300 employees during the next three years.

It is being backed by a £100 million investment and has been announced as a response to new requirements for UK businesses to publish their net zero plans by 2023.

The new division will support businesses on their net zero journeys and develop carbon reduction plans.

EY Carbon will be led by Rob Doepel, Managing Partner for Sustainability.

Mr Doepel commented: “While we have seen a number of large, medium and small businesses sign up to net zero targets, the new requirement for UK listed businesses to publish their plans by 2023 is a significant shift.

“It is an extremely positive step in the fight against climate change but means that businesses will need to move from purpose statements and pledges to the detailed transition plans that will lead to positive action being taken.”

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