Leeds greenlights £7.2m district heating extension

The scheme uses heat recovered from the waste of 10,700 homes

Big Zero Report 2023

An extension of a district heating network which is claimed to become one of the UK’s largest has been approved by Leeds City Council.

The local authority has greenlit an investment of £7.2 million to extend the city’s flagship district heating network by 2.5 kilometres.

It is estimated that the £47 million ‘Leeds PIPES’ network supplied 13,900MWh of low carbon heat in 2021.

The scheme currently supplies heat recovered from the non-recyclable waste of approximately 10,700 households saving more than 2,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2021.

Councillor Helen Hayden, Leeds City Council’s Executive Member for Infrastructure and Climate, said: “Our city’s waste-powered district heating network is a great example of an innovative scheme that supports our long-term net zero carbon ambitions whilst enabling residents and businesses to enjoy reliable and affordable heating now.”

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