Heat pumps – ‘this technology has to take off’

Why are heat pumps considered so key to a low carbon energy transition and have they become even more important in light of recent prices?

Big Zero Report 2023

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With the energy price cap increasing by 54%, which will see bills increase by £693 from April, it’s clear the sector needs to adapt and change.

Heat is key in this transition, especially as many fear being able stay warm with the hike in prices.

I spoke with Lee Hermitage, Marketing Director for Advanced Materials at Honeywell, to understand why heat pumps are considered the key in not only quashing carbon but also in making energy prices cheaper.

“Heat pumps are already 85% renewable and the greenest energy is the energy you don’t use. So, if you’re preserving 85% of your energy, for me that’s a no brainer,” he explained.

We speak about how the technology can be boosted, the efforts that have to come from government and why it can be good for business in this week’s futureNetZero Insight.

Watch the full interview to find out more.

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