Meet the university striving for 20% renewable onsite energy generation

Surrey Uni has set the goal of generating 20% renewable energy from its campus – but how can this be done?

Big Zero Report 2023

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Through a new partnership with SSE Energy Solutions, the University of Surrey has set the ambitious aim of increasing its onsite renewable energy generation from 0.1% to 20%.

Its new partner will be responsible for designing and implementing a new solar facility to help make this dream a reality, as well as its wider long-term aim of becoming net zero by the end of the decade.

I spoke with Thomas Parrott, Head of Sustainability at the university, who was greatly optimistic about the immense task that lays ahead.

Not only will the partnership lead to more renewable energy generation, it will also involve students benefitting from more education on the climate conversation and a cleaner future.

Thomas explained that due to their campuses and large array of buildings and infrastructure, the changes made by universities can have a larger impact than you might initially think.

“Universities are uniquely placed; they have a sort of city within a town that they have control over. So it’s actually a real exemplar as to how a smart city can work,” he said.

Watch the interview to learn more about what Surrey are doing and how other educational institutions could follow suit.

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