Monday 7 February 2022

Low carbon cement trial worth £282m underway

Low carbon cement trial worth £282m underway

A £282 million project trialling low carbon concrete on National Highways M42 is underway.

Funded by National Highways, the trial is being led by Skanska, comparing traditional steel reinforced concrete with a low carbon equivalent with basalt fibre.

Cement accounts for 7% of the world’s emissions and 1.5% of the UK’s, with projects such as this underway to cut this number even further.

Glennan Blackmore from Skanska said: “Through using a unique combination of materials, we are working to not only cut carbon but also aiming to improve the structural performance of reinforced concrete and deliver better productivity, safety and cost outcomes.”

Programme Leader Anita Prashar from National Highways added: “This trial is a ground-breaking piece of work and we’re pleased to be supporting it on the M42 junction 6 upgrade here in the Midlands.

“We are committed to working with partners to explore ways of reducing our carbon footprint as part of the project and this trial is a fundamental step in that process.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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