Nuclear and gas classed as ‘green’ by EU

The decision has had heavy criticism from certain countries, with some threatening legal action

Big Zero Report 2023

Nuclear energy and natural gas could now be considered ‘green’ forms of energy under new plans from the EU.

Both energy types can now be classed as ‘sustainable’ investments if criteria and targets are met, revealed the European Commission.

The decision has not gone down well with certain governments including Austria and Luxembourg, who do not consider nuclear power to be green and have stated they will take legal steps to combat the decision.

Other nations that use nuclear energy including France have supported the move – the reason for its divisive nature is that although it uses less carbon emissions, disposal of waste can be dangerous.

Some nations have stated the inclusion of natural gas as ‘green energy’ could lead to European countries reliant on coal or fossil fuels to be less hasty with their transition.

The Commission did stress that the decision does not require companies to invest in gas or nuclear but would shift what is classified as ‘sustainable’.

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