CEMEX makes ‘UK’s first’ carbon-neutral concrete block

It has 80% less carbon and the remainder is offset

Big Zero Report 2023

CEMEX claims it has introduced the UK’s first zero-carbon concrete block to cut the carbon emissions of the construction sector.

The product embodies 80% less carbon and has any remaining carbon offset to make it carbon-neutral and has been introduced ahead of the government’s ‘Future Homes Standard’ – in which all new homes must produce between 75-80% less carbon emissions by 2025.

The closer target of this is all new homes producing 30% less by June this year, which CEMEX hopes its new product will make a possibility.

CEMEX has joined forces with Natural Capital Partners to build the ‘ReadyBlock Zero’.

Carl Platt, Urbanisation Solutions Director, said: “We have developed the UK’s first carbon-neutral concrete block to help housebuilders get ahead of the game when it comes to building low carbon homes that meet and exceed government guidelines and changes to building regulations.

“We want to make life easier for housebuilders to make simple sustainable choices that make largescale impacts on the often complex road to net zero.”

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