Monday 31 January 2022

CULTA joins Sustainable Cannabis Coalition

CULTA joins Sustainable Cannabis Coalition

CULTA, independent producer of craft cannabis and extracts in Maryland, has announced it has joined the Sustainable Cannabis Coalition (SCC).

The SCC is a group of cannabis industry leaders working together to improve sustainability in cultivation and manufacturing in the industry.

CULTA's plan to achieve net carbon neutrality includes switching to LED lights, converting to a water-based cooling system, generating 80% of energy from renewable sources and rethinking packaging options, both with suppliers and internally.

It already uses organic fertilisers, avoids petroleum-based insecticides and diversifies its farm environment by growing cover crops during the off-seasons.

In addition, the craft cannabis producer undergoes annual inspections and pesticide testing as part of its ongoing commitment to Clean Green Certification.

Last year, CULTA partnered with The High 5 Initiative, a local non-profit organisation focused on sustainability – and through the partnership, patients can now drop off their plastic cannabis jars at its flagship dispensary for recycling.

Mackie Barch, Co-founder of CULTA said: "Unfortunately, the HVAC systems and high-intensity grow lights that are essential to CULTA's day-to-day operations come with a large carbon footprint.

“By joining the Sustainable Cannabis Coalition, maintaining our Clean Green Certification and continuing to make sustainability one of the core focal points of our company, we hope to offset our carbon emissions completely within 10 years.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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