Enel Green Power sets renewables record for 2021

It installed 5.1MW of capacity, a 65% increase from 2020

Big Zero Report 2023

Enel Green Power built 5.1MW of renewable capacity in 2021, making it a record year for the company.

The amount installed was a 65% increase on what was built in 2020 and there was a 9TWh increase in the amount of energy generated – 119TWh.

Wind and solar, hydro and geothermal energy made up its entire renewable portfolio.

It now has 832MW of capacity in Europe, 1,950MW in South America, 1,364MW in North America and 754MW across Africa, Asia and Oceania.

CEO Salvatore Bernabei said: “We operate the world’s largest private renewable generation fleet. In the near future, we will accelerate our sustainable growth, in line with the Enel Group’s Vision, which envisages a total renewable capacity target, including battery capacity, of around 154 GW by 2030.”

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