NHS net zero aims get £1m innovation boost

Start-ups and MedTech businesses have received the funding from SBRI Healthcare

Big Zero Report 2023

SBRI Healthcare has awarded £1 million in funding to 10 digital innovation companies to help the NHS reach net zero.

The funding was awarded as part of the ‘Greener NHS’ programme, which saw 46 applications submitted by MedTech companies and small businesses.

The NHS set the target of achieving net zero by 2040 and is employing new technologies to reach this aim.

Successful applicants had to demonstrate technology that cut carbon emissions, could be easily implemented into the existing supply chain of the NHS and be maintained in the future.

Dr Nick Watts, Sustainability Officer for the NHS, said: “Innovation is key to developing new tools and technologies to deliver a net zero NHS and investment will encourage action, reduce the costs of decarbonisation across the sector and improve health and care now and for generations to come.”

Chair of the SBRI Panel, Dr Glenn Wells, added: “We look forward to seeing how the SBRI Healthcare funding can support the net zero targets [of the NHS] and enable the development and assessment of promising solutions.”

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