‘How do we connect everything to everything’ – why does that matter?

We spoke with Mark Yeeles from Schneider Electric on the importance of automation in business and the critical role it has in modernising companies and making them more sustainable

Big Zero Report 2023

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“The UK and Ireland [are] the ninth-largest manufacturing country and zone in the world and we are 24th in automation and robotic adoption,” revealed Mark Yeeles, VP Industrial Automation at Schneider Electric, but he sees this as an opportunity rather than something to get despondent about.

Automation has been around for a very long time – but the topics of robotics and AI still drive fear of the unknown.

Mark guides us through why this isn’t something to be afraid of and how much it can offer a business of any size in the transition to not only net zero but a modern future.

He says “raising the profile of automation and giving better access to funding for those that need it” will be critical in ensuring the UK catches up with the rest of the world in the automation space.

Why is it being overlooked and what can it offer your business, SME or multinational? – Find out by listening to the full interview.

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