Suffolk County Council pledges to hit net zero by 2030

It has drafted its first carbon budget to track emissions

Big Zero Report 2023

Suffolk County Council has committed to achieving net zero by 2030.

It has released its first carbon budget, with the aim of also increasing biodiversity across its estate by 30%.

The budget will allow the council to measure its carbon emissions and track energy usage, distance travelled by workforce and waste disposal.

This follows its plans announced last year to invest £12.8 million into decarbonising its buildings.

Councillor Richard Rout said: “Becoming a net zero organisation by 2030 is incredibly ambitious but [we’re] committed to doing everything we can to realise that vision.

“It’s incredibly challenging to have an exact figure for every last gram of carbon dioxide that the council emits but our officers have worked incredibly hard to collate data so far, giving us a baseline against which we can measure our future emissions.

“We’ll continue to improve how we gather this data so that we can see our progress.”

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