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Sustainable pledges: how can businesses future-proof themselves in 2022

Sustainable pledges: how can businesses future-proof themselves in 2022

The past twelve months have certainly been eventful, from a sustainability perspective. Throughout 2021, severe weather abnormalities have demonstrated just how severely the Earth has been impacted by climate change. Talks at COP26 during the latter part of last year emphasised the need for rapid change, if countries are to reach their net zero goals.

As we enter 2022, communities, businesses and individuals around the world must now take immediate, drastic action in order to prevent further environmental damage. This year, businesses should express their commitment to the environment by pledging themselves towards a sustainable future.

Not only is sustainability vital in terms of protecting our environment, it could also help businesses to future-proof themselves. To stay competitive, companies must establish clear, sustainable strategies that prepare them for the net zero economy.

So, how can businesses make the pledge towards sustainability?

Focus on efficiency

Waste is a significant issue for businesses, as they journey towards sustainability. Rather than wasting resources unnecessarily, we must make use of natural and energy-efficient resources such as solar, wind and geothermal energy. Utilising natural resources guarantees a steady flow of energy for businesses. Fossil fuel power, on the other hand, will eventually run dry.

Intelligent energy management provides a more holistic way of reducing waste and increasing efficiency. This approach to energy optimisation typically involves smart metering, identifying inefficiencies and energy-saving solutions. At EIC, we can help you to manage your energy in the most efficient and effective way, uniquely tailored to your business.

Inefficiency also brings a number of disadvantages for businesses. Not only does it add to a business’s environmental impact through excessive energy usage, it can also have an impact on their budget. So, becoming more efficient would bring benefits for both businesses and their wider surroundings.

Set sustainable goals

The UK’s net zero targets are growing ever closer, so it’s important that businesses and individuals work towards their goals. By setting realistic levels of sustainability, businesses can track progress and ensure that they adhere to government legislation.

Companies and communities across the UK are pledging to reach net zero emissions by as early as 2030. This is largely due to recent shifts in policy that have made carbon monitoring and reporting an inevitable part of business practices. Climate-related risks are also beginning to play an important and even mandatory role in investment decisions. This means that large companies will have no choice but to reduce their environmental footprint.

Tracking your carbon footprint can be helpful in understanding where you are using the most energy. In turn, a business can set goals to improve their efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Incorporate ESG reporting

Governments are implementing regulations that require organisations to increase their transparency. These regulations cover areas such as diversity, equal pay, carbon emissions and modern slavery. Making ESG reporting central to a business’s decision-makings.

ESG reporting provides a snapshot of a business’s impact in these three areas for investors, customers and wider stakeholders. It means that businesses must consider their impact on the planet, as well as enabling them to be more transparent about the risks and opportunities that they face. Allowing clients and investors to clearly understand where their environmental priorities lie will be vital moving forward.

How can EIC help?

As we enter a new year, we should set and work towards new goals. And for businesses, these goals should include establishing a sustainable future.

At EIC, we understand the growing importance of securing a green future. With our many years of experience, and team of experts, we can provide clients with everything they need to begin their journey towards sustainability.

We help businesses to monitor and manage their energy and carbon with sustainability in mind. Our in-house team can guide you through energy monitoring, carbon footprinting, green procurement and compliance legislation.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you to reach your sustainability goals.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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