‘Glasgow Climate Pact must not be words on a page’ – Alok Sharma

The COP26 President is set to deliver a speech calling on all signatories to turn promises made into action

Big Zero Report 2023

COP26 President Alok Sharma is set to deliver a speech pushing countries to deliver on their promises made at the climate summit in Glasgow last year.

He will state that the world must ensure the Glasgow Climate Pact, signed by close to 200 countries, must ‘not remain words on a page’.

Mr Sharma recently met with the President of the upcoming COP27 conference, which will be held in Egypt this November, to discuss the next steps in tackling the climate crisis.

In his speech, he is set to call on all countries involved in making climate targets for the year, to have them on track before COP27 begins.

He is expected to say: “There is no doubt that the commitments we secured at COP26 were historic. Yet at the moment they are just words on a page.

“Unless we honour the promises made, to turn the commitments in the Glasgow Climate Pact into action, they will wither on the vine.

“We will have mitigated no risks. Seized no opportunities. We will have fractured the trust built between nations. And 1.5°C will slip from our grasp. My absolute focus for the UK Presidency year is delivery.”

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