Dorset green hydrogen project gets £6.5m funding

The project will now be built later this year, set to produce 6,800MWh of electricity each year

Big Zero Report 2023

A green hydrogen project in Dorset has received £6.5 million in funding and is now set to be built later this year.

It will be the first of its kind in the region, constructed in a former landfill site in Poole.

Canford Renewable Energy (CRE) will be the operator, using an electrolyser with water to generate green hydrogen from solar.

CRE stated: “The installation will deliver 6,800MWh a year of zero-emission renewable electricity that will be linked with a 0.9MW electrolyser. The electrolyser will produce 125,000kg of green hydrogen per year.” – enough to power 900,000 miles of distance travelled by lorries.

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