Barclays launches green mortgages for buy-to-let homes

Customers looking to buy new build homes to rent that are energy efficient will be rewarded with lower interest rates on their mortgage

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Barclays Mortgages has announced the launch of its green mortgages for existing and future landlords for buy-to-let homes.

The Barclays Green Home Buy-to-Let Mortgage will reward customers looking to buy new build homes that are energy efficient that they intend to rent with lower interest rates on their mortgage.

The mortgage will be available for new build purchases that have an energy efficient rating of 81 or above or are in energy efficiency bands A or B.

Customers are expected to save up to 1,250 on a buy-to-let mortgage of £250,000 over a five-year fixed term or £500 on a £250,000 mortgage over a two-year fixed term.

Since the launch of its green mortgage in 2018, Barclays has helped more than 4,000 customers buy energy efficient homes with lower interest rates.

Lee Chiswell, Head of Barclays Mortgages said: “Barclays was the first major UK lender to launch a Green Home Mortgage in 2018 and we are pleased to be launching our Green Home Buy-to-Let Mortgages, offering rate discounts to customers who are looking to purchase an energy efficient new build home to let and rewarding them for making greener choices.

“We will continue to explore pioneering green products that meet the demands of our customers, to help them navigate the transition to a low carbon economy and to encourage innovation in the lending sector.”

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