Thursday 20 January 2022

Your feet may be different sizes, so why squeeze into a tight pair of shoes?

Your feet may be different sizes, so why squeeze into a tight pair of shoes?

Are your feet the same size? Do they fit your shoes? How does this impact the environment?

That’s the mystery Vivobarefoot are looking to uncover and provide an answer to.

The shoemaking company uses a 3D printing system to scan your feet and have a perfect pair of shoes made just for you, that is regularly rented and recycled.

Galahad Clark, Owner, said: “There are 22 billion pairs of shoes made every year and nearly all of them don’t fit anyone. Most of them have heels, sponging and most of them end up in landfill.

“They’re made out of fossil fuels and heavy metals to tan the leather, it’s a devastating industry for the planet and for the health of people.”

In this video, you’ll see that Presenter Sumit Bose finds out his left and right feet are not the same size – and Vivobarefoot are looking to cut landfill waste by providing the perfect pair of shoes for the consumer.

Clark reveals: “Most people in the Western world are walking around with deformed, weak feet. Research shows that most people’s feet are 50% of what they naturally should be.”

He explains this is due to the fact most of the muscles in our feet aren’t being used to their full potential with the shoes we wear and the aim of the company is “to make shoes as close to barefoot as possible. Every shoe is completely flat, no heel, wide and completely flexible.”

Clark added: “You’ll have a shoe that really fits you – but also has a really thin sole that allows your foot to move naturally so you’re also connected to the Earth, can feel the Earth and hopefully you’ll do more to protect it.”

Watch the full video to learn more of what the future could hold for your shoes and the planet.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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