SSE acquires its first solar project

Once commissioned, the project in Worcestershire is forecast to power around 9,400 homes

Big Zero Report 2023

SSE has announced the acquisition of its first solar project in the UK.

The 30MW project, located near Evesham in Worcestershire, is predicted to power 9,400 homes, once complete in late 2023.

SSE purchased the project development rights for the solar project from the developer Stark Energy.

The project is part of the company’s £12.5 billion investment programme to boost renewables and energy transition.

Richard Cave-Bigley, SSE Sector Director for Distributed Generation and Storage, said: “Today is a significant milestone for SSE with the acquisition of our first solar project and shows our serious ambitions in this market.

“We see solar as a key complementary technology to SSE’s existing portfolio of low carbon infrastructure such as wind and hydro and one that can power us towards net zero.

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