UK $10m package to help Somalia tackle drought

The East African country has been suffering heavily from droughts and floods exacerbated by climate change

Big Zero Report 2023

The UK will provide Somalia with $10 million (£7.3m) in aid to help the country tackle droughts.

The funding is expected to provide close to 500,000 Somalians with access to clean water and food.

Less developed countries have been experiencing first-hand the impacts of climate change in weather patterns and this has led to the UK providing, in total, a £17 million aid package for East African countries suffering from droughts and floods.

More than 90% of Somalia is experiencing a drought, which has led to five million in dire need of food and 2.6 million people being displaced.

UK Minister for Africa, Vicky Ford MP, said: “For countries in East Africa, climate change is not a future problem – it is driving a humanitarian emergency right now.

“Catastrophic droughts and floods, paired with ongoing conflicts and poor governance in Somalia, South Sudan and Ethiopia, are creating a perfect storm in East Africa which risks pushing hundreds of thousands of people into famine.

“This funding package will provide vital assistance to almost a million people across the region, helping those affected to access clean water and healthy food.”

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