INEOS signs 10-year 200MW PPA with Eneco

The deal is the largest Eneco have signed in Belgium

Big Zero Report 2023

INEOS has signed a 10-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Eneco, increasing its Belgian offshore wind generation to more than 200MW.

INEOS will purchase 250GWh of offshore wind power from Eneco each year, making this the largest PPA that Eneco has signed in Belgium.

The deal is expected to reduce INEOS’ carbon footprint by 940,000 tonnes during the next 10 years, equivalent to removing 70,000 cars from the road every year.

David Thompson from INEOS said: “This agreement with Eneco represents an important step in achieving our long-term sustainability goals.

“Combined with our previous deals this reflects a significant commitment across three different Belgium offshore wind parks and underpins our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.”

Kees-Jan Rameau from Eneco added: “INEOS also wants to contribute to a net zero economy and is therefore taking concrete actions to reduce their climate footprint.

“With our collaboration we can contribute to making INEOS operations run on renewable energy sources and at the same time accelerate the energy transition.”

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