Petronas delivers carbon-neutral LNG to Japan

Hiroshima Gas has received the order to supply its end buyers

Big Zero Report 2023

Petronas has delivered carbon-neutral liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Hiroshima Gas.

The deal is a statement of future Petronas operations, as the company looks to become more sustainable from work alongside customers to clientele.

It has signed a long-term deal with Hiroshima Gas to deliver carbon-neutral LNG, on which Petronas’ Shamsairi Ibrahim commented: “We are proud to grow our 16-year relationship by being Hiroshima Gas’ chosen partner for their first carbon-neutral LNG cargo.

“Providing cleaner energy solutions through carbon offsets will not only positively impact the LNG industry but will also create sustainable value for businesses, societies and the world at large.”

Kazunori Tamura from Hiroshima Gas added: “Our business as a city gas supplier is seeing an increasing need to offer carbon-neutral city gas to our end-buyers.

“Petronas’ ability to provide such solution is certainly essential to ensure we are on track in our sustainability goals.”

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