New developments must boost biodiversity

The government has announced a new scheme to ensure new housing and infrastructure does not destroy habitats and wildlife

Big Zero Report 2023

The government has announced new plans to ensure environment and wildlife are put at the forefront of new housing and infrastructure.

Environment Minister Rebecca Pow has stated the new proposals are being put in place to ensure new developments are ‘nature positive’.

The plans, called ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’, will place heavy emphasis on protecting biodiversity during developments – either to stop any possible disruption altogether or compensate for damage by placing natural habitats over what has been impacted.

Homes and infrastructure being built will have to reduce and restore any biodiversity loss during the building phase and ensure a 10% boost to the area’s overall biodiversity level.

Government funding of up to £4 million will be made available for local authorities to prepare and plan for the scheme.

Ms Pow said: “The pandemic has reinforced how much our homes, communities and outdoor spaces mean to us.

“Our commitment to protecting and enhancing our natural world can and must go hand in hand with our ambition to build more high-quality homes.

“Our plans to make sure new developments better protect and enhance wildlife and nature will create better places for people to live and work and it will ensure we leave our environment in a better state for future generations.”

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