Tuesday 11 January 2022

How can data boost EVs?

How can data boost EVs?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are considered by many to be the future of net zero transport – but how can data help them grow in a coherent way?

For today’s podcast, we speak with Murray Sirel, EV Consultant at Gemserv and Chris Chamberlain from Dodona Analytics on how a data-driven approach to EV deployment will be crucial for a decarbonised society.

The two companies have partnered to boost Gemserv’s EV offering and provide a more robust approach to the low carbon transition.

We tackle the issues surrounding charging infrastructure, demand, social disadvantages when it comes to the costs and how to empower fleet managers.

Collaboration was deemed key to the success of bringing EVs to a mass market, with Murray stating: “it’s really important that everyone works together from all angles here.”

Chris accentuated this point: “Some of the people that we’re collaborating with, we would have traditionally regarded as competitors – but because we’re all moving very fast in the same direction, we’re seeing that there’s so much that needs to be done and we’re therefore collaborating with unusual sources. I think that’s a really positive thing.”

On the cost of EVs to the average buyer, Murray said: “As we move towards a scenario where everyone can get involved with having EVs, that requires a second and third hand market.

"It’s particularly hard to add grants to second and third-hand car sales, whereby it doesn’t just help those on the top line, who are buying them brand new. It’s important that it’s fair and just across the board essentially.”

Listen to the full podcast to learn how data can change the EV landscape and why it should be considered important for your business going forward.

If you’re a business looking for assistance on any of the issues raised in this podcast, you can get in touch with both Gemserv and Dodona Analytics.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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