New tech launched turning captured carbon into SAF

JM has created the new solution for aviation-based emissions

Big Zero Report 2023

Johnson Matthey (JM) has launched a new technology that converts carbon dioxide into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The new innovation can take both captured carbon dioxide and green hydrogen and turn them into cleaner fuels for air travel.

The company hopes ‘HyCOgen’ can be another step in combatting the emissions of the aviation industry, which accounts for 12% of all transport-related carbon released into the atmosphere.

Jane Toogood, Sector Chief Executive, said: “There are significant hurdles in moving from hydrocarbon-based aviation fuel to alternatives such as battery electric or hydrogen.

“This is where JM’s longstanding expertise and market-leading position in syngas generation technology can play a crucial role, by providing solutions that enable the production of sustainable drop-in fuels that are deployable today.

“We can now deliver customers a cost-efficient, reliable and scalable technology to help increase SAF production.”

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