Geothermal energy the answer for Northern Ireland?

A consortium has been launched to investigate the feasibility of geothermal energy as a key power source for the country

Big Zero Report 2023

A new consortium has been formed to explore renewable geothermal energy projects across Northern Ireland.

Geothermal NI consists of Queen’s University Belfast, MJM Renewables, Arup and Geothermal Engineering Limited, who will work together on projects that can bring 100% renewable energy to homes and businesses.

Geothermal energy is considered key to decarbonising Northern Ireland’s power and heat networks, as it is a clean, naturally occurring source of energy.

It uses natural subterranean heat to create steam from fresh water to produce green electricity.

The consortium will bring forward its first projects this year.

Professor David Rooney from Queen’s University Belfast said: “The journey to net zero will require a range of technologies to work together and in Northern Ireland geothermal will be an important part of that mix.

“At Queen’s, we are delighted to be working with MJM Renewables, Geothermal Engineering Limited and Arup to explore the opportunities that this natural resource can provide.”

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