Thursday 6 January 2022

Goldman Sachs and Beijing think tank launch green finance group

Goldman Sachs and Beijing think tank launch green finance group

A new working group aimed at providing a platform for businesses to exchange and develop ideas on how best to leverage green finance innovations to advance the transition to a low carbon economy has been launched.

The Green Finance Working Group will facilitate dialogue on climate action among senior executives from global corporations and researchers from leading institutions and advise and work with policymakers to enhance green finance co-operation across public and private sectors.

The Working Group, launched by Goldman Sachs and the International Finance Forum (IFF), a think tank headquartered in Beijing, will also focus on China's role in achieving sustainable outcomes, as research from the global investment banking company estimates China's pursuit of net zero could generate $16 trillion (£11.8tn) in infrastructure investment opportunities by 2060.

Around 40 million new jobs are also estimated to be created during the same period.

John Waldron, President and Chief Operating Officer of Goldman Sachs and Co-Chair of the new Working Group said: “We need to move from the science of climate change to the business of climate change, to deploying these technologies at scale and making it easier for consumers to seek out and opt for greener energy sources to power their daily lives.

“Many companies joining us in the Working Group are some of the most important investors and users of energy worldwide… Their participation in this group will add momentum to global efforts already underway and help make those efforts more effective by sharing the lessons learned from their decades of business operations.”

Zhu Xian, Vice President and Secretary-General of the IFF added: “We share a common vision towards the development of low carbon economies, including promotion of a strong green financial market and strengthening the role of finance in driving the implementation of global sustainable development processes.

“This Working Group will convene top level representatives of leading global companies, including banks and financial institutions and other key sectors, such as energy and transport and leading researchers from the US, EU, UK and China in a solutions-focused dialogue on how best to leverage green finance and capital markets as key tools to mitigate climate change and transition to a low carbon economy.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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