M&S invites 14m customers to try a low carbon diet

It will provide recipes for plant-based meals and encourage less food waste from better storage behaviours

Big Zero Report 2023

M&S has launched a new challenge to invite its 14 million loyalty member customers to try a low carbon diet – to feel healthier and save the planet while doing so.

Members of its Sparks loyalty scheme will be given access to recipes and tips to make more sustainable meals for the first two months of the new year.

These customers will also be given information on the best way to include more protein in their diets from plants and be given discounts on the supermarket’s plant-based range of food.

It has also claimed customers will be able to save upwards of £20 on their weekly shop with new tips on storing food for longer and utilising leftovers to cut down food waste.

Sophia Lynn, Nutritionist at M&S, said: “Eating more sustainably needn’t be complicated or expensive. There are simple steps we can all take to reduce our impact on the planet.

“We want to help our customers explore and enjoy more sustainable ways of living and our Plant Kitchen range means any swaps customers do make aren’t compromising on quality, affordability or taste.”

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