Saturday 25 December 2021

Merry Christmas and happy net zero year… well almost!

Merry Christmas and happy net zero year… well almost!

This Christmas I hope you are all celebrating with friends and family in a safe manner. I also hope it's a little bit net zero!

We've done our bit by buying a LOT LESS this time around and some of the presents especially for my little one have been wooden toys. Unfortunately a lot of plastic packaging and cardboard has encapsulated nearly every product or purchase!

It's been a really interesting year when it comes to net zero, dominated obviously by COP26. All our coverage and podcasts attest to that and there will be more stories to come in 2022, as we reveal some interviews and conversations we had during those weeks in Glasgow.

But it has also been a year of policy direction with announcements one after another, on everything from heat and hydrogen to nuclear and CCS. The energy supplier collapses, the IPCC report, the gas price spikes and the plethora of net zero pledges by big corporates.

It's been a year of saying.... next year it must be one of doing.

And talking of doing, our Carbon 'Triple A' system involving the  future Net Zero Standard has hit a real milestone with more than 100 companies taking part. Working with our partner CBN Expert and our network of solution providers, we have started so many on their pathway to net zero and that is very rewarding. Also we have many of these companies commiting to the UN Race to Zero which is also very significant.

Testimonies of what it means to measure and then to start to actually reduce carbon, have shown us that it can make a difference. The first step is the hardest and I thank all of you who have believed in it and joined us. We want to get to 10,000 organisations in the next 24 months, with your help I know we can do it.

So plenty to come in 2022, we will expect more news from our partners who are all really charging ahead with their own decarbonisation strategies. More policy from governments both national and international.

And building on our first live event a new net zero show coming from us in June of 22!

My thanks to all our partners and supporters. To all the solution partners and of course CBN Expert.  All our great staff who work so hard behind the scenes, to make sure we become the premier place to find out all things net zero.

But most of all thanks to you, our readers and followers. You inspire us to make changes and keep pushing to make sure we deliver the content you need, to help you start your net zero journeys.

Have a safe and happy festive period and see you in '22 for much more!

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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