ENGIE and Equinor team up for Belgian hydrogen project

The companies are hopeful H2BE will contribute towards achieving the aims of the Belgian ‘Hydrogen Strategy’

Big Zero Report 2023

ENGIE and Equinor have announced the collaborative H2BE project to boost the Belgian low carbon hydrogen market.

The Belgian government released its ‘Hydrogen Strategy’ at the end of October and this new project will look to help realise its aims.

H2BE will produce hydrogen from natural gas using carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology.

The companies have stated the decarbonisation rate of this process to be above 95% and will allow hydrogen to be produced on a large-scale for affordable rates.

They are considering Ghent as the area to build the site and hope to make it operational before 2030.

Edouard Neviaski from ENGIE said: “ENGIE is fully committed to developing renewable and low carbon hydrogen solutions.

“We firmly believe that renewable and low carbon hydrogen, with multiple uses and advantages, has everything to be the undeniable ally to accelerate the development of a solid infrastructure and the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.

“We are glad to pursue our work on this project with Equinor, a long-standing partner for more than 40 years.”

“Equinor believes that hydrogen and CCS are vital to succeed with the energy transition and to reach net zero ambitions. Together with our partners we have a strong and complementary expertise covering all parts of the value chain,” added Equinor’s Grete Tveit.

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