‘Available, affordable low carbon heat’ – how do we get there?

Listen to today’s podcast with Gemserv’s Rob Honeyman on the critical role low carbon heating has to play in the net zero journey and what next steps should be taken

Net Hero Podcast

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Heat has been the victim of inaction in the decarbonisation space for far too long, often superseded by transport and power systems in the list of priorities by government and business.

It is, however, a key element in the journey towards net zero and in this latest podcast, we discuss the challenges of accelerating the adoption of low carbon heating and its importance with Gemserv’s Head of Analysis, Rob Honeyman.

“Low carbon heating is complex, costly and it’s often constrained. We need to get to a position where it’s available, affordable and aspirational – I think there’s quite a way to go before we’re there,” he says.

But how do we get there and what role do businesses have to play? – we go into detail on this in today’s episode.

We also discuss the new ‘Heat and Buildings Strategy’ announced by the government earlier this year, with Rob stating: “we should celebrate that we have something to work from” but “the cost problem hasn’t been solved yet.”

Listen to the full podcast to learn more on the action your business can take on low carbon heating and how Gemserv are looking to help.