Environment Agency pushing sports industry to cut carbon

It is encouraging sportspeople and bodies to sign up to the ‘Big Plastic Pledge’

Big Zero Report 2023

The Environment Agency is encouraging the sports industry to become more sustainable, providing advice on how to do so.

It is launching a set of educational leaflets and conversations on sustainability to sporting bodies, community clubs, event organisers and sports participants at the GreenSports Network event.

It is an international event, through which the Agency is hoping to have engaging conversations on how the carbon footprint in sport can be cut down.

As part of its campaign, it will aim to get delegates of the event signed up to the ‘Big Plastic Pledge’, which calls on all sport representatives to accelerate efforts to stop plastic waste.

Plastics and Sustainability Team Project Lead, Hannah Amor, said: “The new guidance is ideal for clubs that want to step up their green credentials.

“They can discover tips on sustainable kits swaps, reusable products, new sustainable club measures and how to influence the adaptation of bathroom, kitchen and waste facilities to help reduce avoidable plastic consumption.

“These small changes can help communities tackle the climate emergency, potentially save money and encourage other clubs to become sustainable role models in their community too.”

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