Half of Brits unaware of ‘biodiversity’

A study has shown the public don’t know what the term means with most considering it to be the government’s responsibility

Big Zero Report 2023

Nearly half of British consumers don’t know what biodiversity is or how it can be protected.

That’s according to research by Treedom, which noted the opinions and thoughts of 2,000 British shoppers in the lead up to the festive season.

Biodiversity is considered a key element in the battle against climate change but its meaning was lost on much of the public.

Although it refers to the variety of life in one area, there was a split in the definition between the respondents. Some believed it meant the speed of climate change, with others stating it refers to all plant and marine life.

The study revealed those from the West Midlands were least likely to understand the term, with Wales and Yorkshire slightly more aware.

It stresses, however, the need for more communication to the public on issues surrounding climate change to fully understand the breadth of the situation and what needs to be done to mitigate it.

In addition to a lack of understanding of what the term means, 41% said they were taking no steps to protect biodiversity, as they simply don’t know how to help and 17% said it was not their responsibility.

Of those surveyed, 66% said it was the government’s responsibility and not something they should concern themselves with.

Treedom CEO Federico Garcea said: “The fight against climate change continues to consist of harsh realities with little action. The responsibility to fight against it, is everyone’s.

“We are all citizens of this planet so we must do whatever we can. Biodiversity is a fundamental element of a functioning ecosystem, which must be protected.

“There are some very simple steps we can take from the comfort of our own sofas, one of those being to plant more trees responsibly.

“By planting a variety of trees, from baobabs to passion fruit to coffee trees, in the right location at the right time, we can have a profound impact on the local biodiversity, providing much needed habitats and food sources for wildlife to thrive.”

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