Friday 10 December 2021

‘Meat the future’ – 3D printed steaks!

‘Meat the future’ – 3D printed steaks!

An Israeli company has revealed what it claims is the world’s largest lab-grown steak that ‘looks, tastes, smells and feels’ just like the real thing.

The steak is made from real fat and muscle cells deriving from tissue samples of a living cow, as well as bovine stem cells.

It is then produced using a 3D printer and placed in an incubator to mature.

This particular plate weighs in at 3.67 ounces (104 grams).

MeaTech is the company producing the steaks and aims to ‘maximise cell-based content rather than non-meat ingredients’ for steaks of the future.

It stated: “The cultivated steak is comprised of real, living muscle and fat cells, and does not contain any soy or pea protein typically used in plant-based alternatives.

“MeaTech employed advanced 3D bioprinting technology developed in-house and advanced tissue engineering science to reach this important milestone, bringing sustainable, premium cultivated meat products closer to the market.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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