bp’s natural gas plant certified for low methane emissions

The facility in Texas has been graded “A” – meaning the methane intensity is less than 0.05%

Big Zero Report 2023

bp’s work to mitigate methane emissions at its natural gas plant in the South Haynesville basin in Texas has led to an “A” grade award from MiQ.

MiQ tracks the methane emissions performance of natural gas operations.

The South Haynesville facility produces around 0.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas each day and has been given the “A” grade for the methane produced from production – meaning the methane intensity is less than 0.05%.

“F” is the worst grade MiQ gives, which represents up to 2% methane intensity.

George Tijbosh, Senior Advisor at MiQ, commented: “COP26 and the Global Methane Pledge have clearly demonstrated that the world expects and needs reduced methane emissions from the oil and gas sector and MiQ is committed to providing the transparency required to achieve this.

“We are delighted that bp has chosen MiQ to help drive this critical effort and we look forward to working closely with them to improve their methane intensity and achieve their environmental goals.”

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