Start-up rebrands to raise awareness of net zero ambition

Pivot Energy Services is becoming Tallarna to represent the speed that’s needed to decarbonise buildings

Big Zero Report 2023

Climate tech start-up Pivot Energy Services has rebranded to Tallarna – Swedish for ‘Pine trees’ – to highlight its drive to cut down emissions.

It has stated the change in name has been made to accentuate the need for decarbonisation to be a ‘multi-faceted approach’.

Pine trees also absorb carbon dioxide at a large scale due to their speed of growth are a key component of the forest ecosystem in keeping climbing global temperatures more stable.

Tallarna works in built environment, providing solutions for cutting the carbon emissions of buildings.

The company has revealed that less than 1% of building stock is currently zero-carbon ready and to reach net zero by 2050, more than 85% of buildings will have to achieve this.

That’s why the company has likened the journey towards net zero in the sector to that of a pine tree, as the transition needs to be as quick as it takes for them to grow.

CEO Tim Meanock said: “As we grow and rebrand as Tallarna, we move into an exciting stage of our company’s evolution. One that showcases our full strength in making building decarbonisation financially executable at scale.”

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