Government launches review into network performance from Storm Arwen

The review will explore how energy network operators performed during the adverse weather conditions and look to improve UK infrastructure

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The government has launched a review into how energy network operators responded to the hit of Storm Arwen.

Launched by Business and Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, the review will investigate issues from the storm and provide recommendations for improving the resilience of UK infrastructure.

In addition to a review of infrastructure, the response time of Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to restore power for customers will also be considered.

The government has affirmed that it was unacceptable for thousands of homes to be left without power for so long due to the impacts of the storm and hopes this review will rectify those problems.

Some of the damage inflicted by Storm Arwen in York last month – Image: M Barratt / Shutterstock

The review coincides with Ofgem’s own review of how each DNO performed against the legal standards they are required to meet.

The outcome of the review will be published in March 2022.

Kwasi Kwarteng commented: “While I’m pleased all affected customers are now back online, it is completely unacceptable so many were left without power for so long.

“There is an urgent need to identify and resolve a number of issues which came to light during the Storm Arwen response and the review I’ve commissioned, alongside Ofgem’s, will ensure any failings are addressed.”

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